Wednesday, January 22, 2014

German Shepherd Training

What is known is that the German Shepherd is a hard working dog and the higher the drive, the more experience required of the owner and of the trainer in charge. So an appropriate
German Shepherd Training program is extremely important.

Additionally, the German Shepherd is:
  • Believed to be one of the top three most intelligent breeds 
  • Eager to have a purpose
  • Able to interpret and learn a variety of tasks
The German Shepherd is also a self-assured breed, meaning that they usually require an equally competent and confident owner. When a German Shepherd trusts their handler explicitly, it is like witnessing two parts of the same whole. It is of little surprise that other dog owners who see such a relationship want the same for themselves. Royvon dog training cultivates this rapport between man and dog.

German Sheperd Training is not an overnight act, there is always a price for perfection and the price is putting into the dog exactly what you desire to receive and a German Shepherd that does not have their top traits nurtured may take charge of their own purpose. These are German Shepherds that become over-protective, over-territorial and quite possibly aggressive. They are also are easily bored and agitated without anything to do, which often results in displacement behaviour. This is where our dog and puppy training can help ensure your dog stays nurtured and purposeful.

As a highly trainable, immensely loyal and responsive breed, it is unfortunate too for them to be owned by those not willing to help them reach their full potential, and Royvon has more experience training German Shepherds than any other breed of dog

Breed Characteristics 
Breed Awareness/Management
The German Shepherd is an intelligent, discriminating, confident, responsive breed that is willing to learn, and will learn - and do anything. Firm, but calm and consistent obedience training is essential to maintain control of the GSD. They must be owned and handled by someone equally as smart and capable, as anything less is a waste of this outstanding breed's potential!
The German Shepherd is a powerful breed and enjoys boisterous play. Aggressive games should be controlled from an early age as a puppy to discourage unsafe and undesirable behaviour. Dominant GSD's may refuse commands from family members who do not establish leadership over them.
Due to natural guarding instincts, the German Shepherd can be potentially aggressive with strange dogs or people.
From an early age as a puppy, socialisation of this dog is crucial. Be sure to have complete control before exposing them to social situations full of distractions.
Most German Shepherds are sociable, but can be aloof with strangers. They are intelligent and adapt well to positive training. Although some may seem nervous in kennels, they generally cope well.
This breed has a double-density coat and copes well in all weathers. Care should be taken when exercising in hot weather as they can overheat.
A happy, healthy confident German Shepherd is good-natured, lively, and makes an ideal family pet and guardian. Respect and love your German Shepherd and they will return your loyalty and companionship without question.

German shepherd Training has always been a controversial discussion since they are also pretty aggressive, i would highly reccommend you to speak to professionals before implementing.

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